The loyal dog rescues the child from the lake, receiving praise and esteem ‎

“The Newborn Baby” feels like a great starting point for a story, but it’s too open-ended to work with. To develop a compelling narrative, I need some details! What kind of story do you want to tell? Here are some prompts to help you think:


  • Realistic fiction: What are the newborn’s parents like? Are there any challenges they face?
  • Fantasy: Is the baby born with any special abilities? Is there a magical world they must navigate?
  • Mystery: Is there something unusual about the baby’s arrival? Is there a danger they need to be protected from?


  • Present day: Where and in what circumstances is the baby born?
  • Historical period: Do you have a specific era in mind? How does this affect the baby’s life?
  • Fantastical world: Describe the environment and society the baby is born into.


  • Family: Explore the bond between parents and child, or the impact of a newborn on existing family dynamics.
  • Innocence and wonder: Capture the unique perspective of a newborn experiencing the world for the first time.
  • Overcoming challenges: Tell the story of a baby born with difficulties or facing unusual circumstances.

Once you have a better idea of the direction you want to take, I can help you develop characters, plot points, and scenes to flesh out your story. Feel free to share any details you have in mind, and I’ll be your collaborator in bringing “The Newborn Baby” to life!

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